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OneWayTrucks.net - Frequently Asked Questions           

What is a short haul move?
This is a move that is less than 450 miles. Make sure to inquire with your moving company as you may have to pay long distance charges even for short haul moves.

What is a local move?
This usually refers to moves that are less than 100 miles and within the same state.

What is an intrastate move?
This refers to a move of more than 100 miles within the same state.

What is full packing?
Your movers will pack everything in your household for you. Make sure to keep any legal papers, medicines and valuables with you during the move.

What is an intrastate move?
This refers to a move of more than 100 miles within the same state.

Will my moving company have extra packing materials?
Most moving companies will provide you with extra materials during the day of the move for an additional cost.

What is an order for service?
This is a signed written agreement authorizing your moving company to transport your goods.

What is double-drive time?
In California, all movers are required to charge double-drive time. They don't charge you for the time required to get to your destination and then back to their moving branch. Instead, they charge double the time for the actual move.

How should I file a complaint with my moving company if there is a problem?
We recommend contacting your moving company immediately to discuss the situation and try to resolve the problem. If the issue isn't resolved properly, you can file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, Federal Trade Commission Bureau of Consumer Protection, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or the National Association of Attorneys General.

How long will it take me to move?
Your actual move will depend on many factors including the weather conditions, size of your shipment, time of year, distance to your destination and time required for loading and unloading.

What is a non-binding estimate?
This is an estimate based on the moving company's previous experience with similar moving jobs to yours and it's subject to change.

Does a moving company need to be licensed?
Moving companies are actually registered. This means the federal government has issued them a certificate of authority that allows them to move household goods in any of the 50 states. Local moving companies may also be registered with the US Department of Transportation to move interstate shipments within certain geographical areas.

What are wardrobes.
These are special boxes that are designed to hold your clothes. Some come equipped with a hanging rod and can fit clothing from up to 3 linear feet of closet space.