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OneWayTrucks.net - Frequently Asked Questions           

What is a short haul move?
This is a move that is less than 450 miles. Make sure to inquire with your moving company as you may have to pay long distance charges even for short haul moves.

What is a local move?
This usually refers to moves that are less than 100 miles and within the same state.

What is an intrastate move?
This refers to a move of more than 100 miles within the same state.

What are bulky articles?
These refer to heavy items such as cars, snowmobiles, trailers or cars. Extra charges are usually applied because these items take up more space in the moving trucks/vans and require additional labour to load and unload.

Will my movers clean my home once my move is complete?
Most professional movers will clean up any mess they have made during the actual move. However, they don't perform general house cleaning so you must hire a professional cleaning service or perform this task yourself.

Should I purchase valuation insurance?
Check with your homeowner's insurance policy to see exactly what is covered. Depending on your particular policy, you may want to consider purchasing valuation insurance in case of damage during your move.

What is full-value coverage?
If you purchase this type of coverage, your moving company will either replace a damaged or lost item with an article of similar kind and value, pay you for the replacement cost, repair the item or pay you the cost of any necessary repairs.

Do I have to hire packers or can I do this myself?
You can certainly choose to pack your belongings and hire employees to transport them for you. However, you can also hire professional packers who are very experienced and have access to the proper packing equipment.

Can I ask my movers to place the furniture where I want in my home?
Most movers will place the furniture where you would like. However, you need to remember that you are being charged per hour so decide where you would like the furniture to go beforehand.

Will my moving company charge me for materials?
Most moving companies will provide quilted pads for protecting your furniture at no additional cost. However, you will most likely be charged for additional supplies such as tape, packing paper and boxes.

What is shuttle service?
This refers to the use of a smaller vehicle to provide access to residences when movers can't use their regular large moving equipment. This may occur due to steep, narrow or winding driveways, blocked access due to trees or height or weight restrictions on bridges or overpasses.

Should I disassemble my furniture before the move?
You can do this if you have time, but it's not required. If your movers need to dismantle any furniture, they will reassemble it in your new home.

What is an extra pickup?
Most moving companies will charge you extra to make any stops to pick up or deliver additional items from anywhere other than your origin and destination.