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OneWayTrucks.net - Frequently Asked Questions           

What is a short haul move?
This is a move that is less than 450 miles. Make sure to inquire with your moving company as you may have to pay long distance charges even for short haul moves.

What is a local move?
This usually refers to moves that are less than 100 miles and within the same state.

What is an intrastate move?
This refers to a move of more than 100 miles within the same state.

If I'm moving internationally, how will I know which items I can't bring with me?
Your moving company should provide you with a list of custom regulations for your destination country. This document will indicate which items are prohibited or restricted by the particular country.

How long will it take me to move?
Your actual move will depend on many factors including the weather conditions, size of your shipment, time of year, distance to your destination and time required for loading and unloading.

What is an intrastate move?
This refers to a move of more than 100 miles within the same state.

What are wardrobes.
These are special boxes that are designed to hold your clothes. Some come equipped with a hanging rod and can fit clothing from up to 3 linear feet of closet space.

What is partial packing?
This generally includes the packing and wrapping or pictures, mirrors, glass items, lamps, china cabinets, televisions and furniture.

What is hoisting?
Certain large awkward items such as wall units or pianos may have to be hoisted out of a window instead of being carried down a flight of stairs. Check with your moving company about the availability and cost of this service.

What is freight service?
Freight service is cheaper than a full-service move because movers transport your items to your destination and leave them at the doorstep of your new home. All your items must be boxed in advance, and movers won't wrap individual pieces of furniture.

What is an international move?
This is a move where your items must cross an international boundary, regardless of actual distance.

Can I leave my clothing in dresser or chest drawers?
You can leave lightweight clothing such as blouses, lingerie, shirts and sweaters in drawers. However, don't leave heavy items such as sheets, table linens or books in drawers because they damage the furniture. Also remove any valuable or fragile items before the move.

What is a transportation surcharge?
This is an extra fee charged when the pickup or destination locations are very remote which results in less return weight for the moving company.